Every Home Needs a Solid Base

Every Home Needs a Solid Base

Contact Beard Contracting, LLC for concrete foundations in Plumerville and Conway, AR

When you’re getting ready to build a home or office, make sure you have a solid base for your structure. Beard Contracting, LLC installs concrete foundations so you can start construction off right. Our experienced crew will build your foundation to the specifications your home or office requires.

We can come out and grade the area before pouring the foundation. If your property is on a hill, we will level it and make sure the land is compatible to support the foundation. You want to be sure your concrete foundation is structurally sound.

Call 501-707-4722 today to get a free estimate on concrete foundations in the Plumerville, AR area, including Little Rock and Conway.

We build retaining walls

If you have uneven property and worry about the erosion of soil, Beard Contracting builds concrete retaining walls in the Plumerville and Conway, AR areas. Retaining walls can be used for:

  • Controlling downhill erosion
  • Managing water runoff
  • Adding beauty to your property

The addition of a wall can create more usable flat land by removing a slope. Contact Beard Contracting today to learn how a concrete retaining wall benefits your yard.